Inserting a Cover Page into a Word Master Document



I have a Cover Page that is saved in a jpeg and psd format. I have the main
(master) document that is basically flowing with pages that I add. Each page
has a header and footer. What I'm trying to accomplish is to insert the cover
page to be the 1st page so I can download the entire document on to a disc.
Also, just in case, if I needed to insert a photo page in between lets say
page 6 and page 7, how would I do that, thank you



Doug Robbins - Word MVP

Insert a Next Page Section Break at the beginning of the document and format
the headers and footers of what will now be Section 2 of the document (the
original part) so that they are NOT linked to the headers and footers in the
first Section. Then remove the headers and footers from the first Section
and insert your cover page into it.

To insert a photo page into the middle of the document, insert a couple of
Next Page Section Breaks and unlink the headers and footers in the new
Section and also the Section after those breaks and remove the header and
footer from the new Section into which you will insert your photos

Hope this helps.

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services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP, originally posted via

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