Inheriting infragistics combo


Rich Forman

How do I inherit from a control, contained in an assembly which is
located in the Global Assembly Cache? I've told the VS.NET IDE that I
want to inherit a control, and am now in the dialog captioned "Select
a file which contains a component to inherit from..." At first I
browsed to what I thought was the .dll I wanted, located in c:\Program
Files\Infragistics\UltraWinGrid\v2.00.5000; the file is/should be
Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.v2.dll. (I was able to double-click the
file, but then when I was returned to the "Inheritance Picker" dialog,
nothing is there, it didn't let me actually select that file, and the
"OK" button on that dialog is disabled.) Then I realized that this
assembly is actually part of the Global Assembly Cache, and that the
GAC is apparently physically located in C:\Windows\Assembly, which I
then browsed to (again in the "Select a file..." dialog), and there I
see listed under the "Global Assembly name" column on the left,
"Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.v2," with a weird-looking special icon
associated that must represent an assembly....but anyway I still can't
double-click that entry to specify that as the assembly I want to
inherit from out of.

Did I explain this clearly, and does anyone know how to inherit this
control or why I seem to be unable to? Thanks,



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