Infragistics WinGrid questions


Cathryn Johns


I have a couple of issues with the infragistics wingrid, but I can't
their newsgroup has, according to google, 0 posts, and you have to be a
member to post, which didn't sound right. So I thought I'd try here
instead :)

There are two scrolling issues: firstly, before I can scroll using the
mouse wheel, I need to scroll manually by clicking on the scrollbar.
Is there any way around this, so that wheel scrolling works

Then secondly, when I have a large multi-line cell, scrolling is very
jerky, almost as if it doesn't quite want to display only part of the
cell at a time. If I scroll using the mouse wheel, or by clicking on
the scrollbar's arrow buttons, it's fine, but if I drag the thumb it's
jerky, and if I click in the blank space below the thumb to scroll
down, it won't scroll past the large cell.

Then the final issue is with clicking a cell and entering edit mode:
the text seems to be indented, and I don't know how to disable this
indent. In single line cells it's okay, but for multi-line cells the
bottom row of text disappears off the bottom, and in some cases (where
there aren't any line breaks, I think) the text just disappears
entirely, which is obviously not good :)

I'd really appreciate any help with these issues.


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