Incompatible WinXP or Win2K with IBM Veritas RecordNow & McAfee VirusScan

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Maria Stella Sapienza

The following are apparently highly incompatible (on an IBM a31p laptop):
- Microsoft Windows XP or Microsot Windows 2000, with
- McAfee VirusScan (Enterprise Edition, version 7.0.0, scan engine 4240)
- IBM Veritas RecordNow (version 4.10, Build 400B24a.330 or earlier)
- IBM DLA (which is in and of itself incompatible with WinXP Direct CD)
Causing a horrific catastrophic loss of control over your new IBM laptop.

Here is your solution should you sadly combine the programs above:
To fix these McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 7 vexing problems
caused by IBM RecordNow Drive Letter Access conflicting with
both McAfee anti virus software & Windowx XP Direct CD (DLA
and Direct CD perform similar functions yet they are incompatible
apparently, according to a live web chat with McAfee support)
- Boot the IBM A31p laptop in Safe Mode (using the F8 key).
- Disable the following McAfee Virus Scan Services:
by entering Start->Run->services.msc according to the
McAfee live chat support folks this afternoon
o McAfee Framework Service -> Disabled
o Network Associates McShield -> Disabled
o Network Associates Task Manager -> Disabled
- Reboot the IBM A31p in Normal Mode
- Un-Install IBM Veritas RecordNow (version 4.10 in my case)
Also, in my case, I uninstalled IBM Veritas RecordNow Update Manager,
and, just to be safe, I uninstalled IBM DLA (version 3.26).
(using the Add/Remove Programs control-panel applet, if it works).
- Reboot the IBM A31p (without the buggy McAfee VirusScan options).
- Set the McAfee Virus Scan Services back to the default mode:
again, using Start->Run->Services.msc
o McAfee Framework Service -> Automatic
o Network Associates McShield -> Automatic
o Network Associates Task Manager -> Automatic
- Install the very latest version of IBM Veritas RecordNow software
in order to update both the Record Now software & the DLA.
(Make sure the IBM Veritas CD writer software is version 5.1 or later,
and that it includes a patch to IBM DLA Drive Letter Access).
I installed IBM Veritas Record Now version 5.10 as CDWRITER.EXE
which also came with a new version of the IBM DLA (but not
the IBM Update Manager). The WindowsXP control panel
add/remove programs gives the "IBM DLA" version still as
IBM DLA version 3.60 and the "IBM RecordNow" version as 5.1
with additional support links of: and{langTLA}
- Reboot the IBM A31p laptop in Windows XP or Windows 2000.
I also seem to need to fix some icon associations as most desktop
and program file icons seem to be wiped out (to a default icon)
but at least they work
Q: Does anyone know how to reset the desktop icons?)
It's amazing there aren't more references to this vexing problem
on the Internet (I do not know why, but, anyone affected is hosed
without knowing this exact information).
Q: Does anyone know the IBM support page on this subject?
Q: Does anyone know the McAfee support page on this subject?

Your help in answering these questions is appreciated.
Sorry to write so much but this took weeks for me to fix on my own
with your help. It must be a new problem as there is not much on
the usenet about this horrific problem yet.

Maria Stella



G Tom

What does horrific loss of control mean?

I have a A20m with Win2K, McAfee VScan, and RecordNow, but NOT DLA. I
haven't been able to attribute any problems with any of these
programs, i think.

If you could be a little bit more specific about the problems it

Thanks fo the detailed fix, though!

-G Tom

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