Improve Entourage compatibility with Exchange. It SUCKS!



Just trying to get your attention.

Now then, Allow Entourage users to go between Outlook and Entourage.

Add in the ability for categories to move along with the objects when
syncing using Exchange.

Add in Category usage to the object within the Exchange OWA.

Allow for Tasks from Exchange to be accessed by Entourage. Your last update
to Entourage BROKE THIS.

Trash Entourage altogether and just PORT Outlook over to Mac. I like
Windows, but too many evil doers target the platform. So I use Mac. If you
are going to have mac compatible products, make GOOD products. As it is, your
products are merely a neccessary evil. The need for buying your products are
quickly being removed by Open Office, Evolution, and Mac's own applets. Even
your Exchange platform has some serious challengers (Open Exchange is easier
to configure, cheaper, faster, and has more features.. just support is umm

Focus on building quality products that work with your other platforms. You
may get more sales on the MAC license side, and give a compelling reason for
people to go to XP.

As it is you just give Mac users one more reason to thumb thier noses at
Microsoft. You make life more difficult thatnit has to be. The Micorsoft
brand becomes something to either sneer at or merely roll your eyes at. It is
a common joke at meeting to take a stab at Microsoft. People do not do this
out of esteem or respect. They do this out of frustration of having to buy
terrible products that crash, require constant updates, and occasionally even
destroy files. I lost a whole project last month. Good thing I had a back up,
but that still meant I had to do two hours of work all over again. Your
quality and attitude are UNACCEPTABLE. Take a cue from your XBOX division.
Those guys did a GREA job.. except the whole 360 launch.. waht were you
thinking of not having enough boxes to sell before Christmas? Your loss.

You leave consumers who are savvy constantly searching for products that are
better than your own, as yours fall so far short of the mark. Too bad, as
back in the day, Microsoft on Mac was an AWESOME product. Back in the day,
Microsoft really did change things. Back in the day, Microsoft is a place I
wanted to work at when I got my business degree from undergrad. In those
days, there were lions. Now there are just untalented bozos who are scared to
use Sourceforge.

Bryan Grant
owner of both XP and Mac platforms and office suites

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Ben M. Schorr - MVP

You should post this in the outlook.mac newsgroup and it would be helpful if
you made it clear which version of Entourage you're using.


Ben M. Schorr, OneNote-MVP
Roland Schorr & Tower
Microsoft OneNote FAQ:

**I apologize but I am unable to respond to direct requests for assistance.
Please post questions and replies here in the newsgroup. Mahalo!

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