iexplore.exe: hung process


Param R.

Hi all, we are having this strange frustrating with problem IE6 SP2. All
computers running WinXP Pro SP2 with latest java from We have a
local intranet site that has a java applet. The web page loads fine. The
problem is once they close out the browser, it disappears from the screen,
but the iexplore.exe process still lingers in a hung state. Depending on the
number of times they have opened the site, that many hung iexplore.exe
processes are found in task manager. This causes some issues with opening
new browser windows etc. They either have to end up killing all these hung
processes OR when they go to restart the computer it keeps prompting them to
"End Now" the iexplore.exe until all have been killed.

Any ideas?



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