IE toolbars messed up



I've noticed on both Win 2000 and XP, I many times find that the right
click menu options, as well as the toolbars at the top have severe
problems and inconsistancies. For instance, on one I have the Google
toolbar and Norton Anti-virus on this PC, and when I uncheck Norton to
not be on the IE toolbar, the other dissappears, and when I uncheck
Google Toolbar, Norton anti-virus vanishes. I could go on and on with
other examples, such as programs on the list that aren't on the PC at
all, and spaces in the list that can be checked but the name is blank,
things that can't be checked but no reason they shouldn't be able to,
I guess I can just re-install IE, but is that really easy? I've heard
it can be hard to uninstall IE and reinstall it, from the microsoft
website I assume?
Anyone else have similar problems/solutions?


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