identifying colours of existing elements / series



I have a query in Excel 2007 (and PowerPoint 2007).
Quite often, I want to pick a colour that matches some already existing
colour (perhaps created according to some pre-existing colour scheme). For
instance, this might be to inset text in the same colour as a graph series or
such like. It previous versions of office, if you selected an object (or a
series or whatever) and went to select the colour, the colour picker would
identify the current colour (so, if I wanted to match a colour, I could
identify the current colour of the object I wanted to match to, and then
select this colour for my new object). In office 2007 however, the colour
picker give the last colour the user selected and immediately changes the
colour of the selected object to this value. In other words, there is no
simple way (that I have as yet found) to identify a colour from an existing
element and select this for a new element (you can of course manually pick
all the colours from the existing swatches and then simply pick the same
swatch for objects you want to match - but I frequently would prefer to match
a colour I have not in the first instance selected manually). Are there any
ways that any one is aware of for doing this in Excel 2007 (and / or
PowerPoint 2007)? What I would really like is something like the colour
picker (pipette) too in Photoshop or the like...
Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.
I will be posting a similar message to the PowerPoint forum so please excuse
my cross posting.
Many thanks and best wishes, Boris.


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