Identify closed/finalized records the month they were opened Acces




I have a query, qryClosedRecords, where I need to report if the records
finalized/closed the same month they opened.

So if it opened #10/05/2009 06:05# and finalized/closed #10/25/2009 21:59# I
need to mark it as being finalized/closed the month it was open.

Field for Date Opened = qryClosedRecords.open_time
Field for Date closed = qryClosedRecords.finalized_time

And if it opened #08/03/2009 21:25# and finalized/closed #9/23/2009 12:45# I
don't want to count it because it didn't finalize/close the month it was

I need to do this in a query because I will be taking this data into a
crosstab query, then pulling it into excel thru a macro, which I already have
setup. This is strickly for reporting. There will be no end user viewing
this, no forms will be created.

Identify closed/finalized records the month they were opened using Microsoft



Daryl S

The criteria you need is:
month(qryClosedRecords.open_time) = month(qryClosedRecords.finalized_time)

I would also match the year if there is a chance that the finalized_time
could be a year later.


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