HttpListener and SSL




I have written a small web server using the HttpListener from .NET
framework 2.0. What I cannot get him to do is communicate over ssl.
Apparently I don't have to do anything in my code besides setting the
HttpListener to listen to https://localhost/ instead of
I have created CA and server certificate using Openssl and also tried
with makecert but could not get it to work. i get the following message
in firefox:
"The connection was interrupted
The connection to localhost was interrupted while the page was

I have no IIS installed on my computer nor do I want to have it. So I
cannot use IIS admin utilities for setting up these things. I have used
httpcfg to register my server certificate but without success. I am
only using a server certificate, no client ones...

If anyone has an idea how to set it up, i will be grateful indefinitely
since i have lost 2 days over it already.



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