HP Scanjet 7400c



Problem: Had entrusted some color lab to transfer my
negatives into digital images. Their scan job is crappy at best.
Possible Solution: Now I am left with the task of having to scan
hundreds of photographs so as to preserve them. Or to photograph with my 4
megapixel Sony.
Tools: Adobe CS [aka Photoshop 8] and HP Scanjet
7400c in XP Pro

When I scan some photos that have more dark fields than others, the problem
is intensely amplified. For example, there are these micro-organisms that
feed off the paper which in turn puts a dent into the photo. Ordinarily I
use the close tool to fix this problem. But what I am wondering is if there
are other ways to obviate this problem before I even transfer it into the
Adobe workspace from the scanner.
I can provide a sample photo to illustrate the problem in JPG form for those
who give me an answer. Thanks in advance!


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