HP 8500 DN clear paper jam


Rick Kovalcik

I'm getting a number of PHANTOM "clear paper jam" errors on an HP 8500
DN with just shy of 300k impressions. I don't know the full history
of the machine. The actual errors are mostly 13.00.00 13.00.01

As I said these are phantom errors. I.E. There is no real paper
jam. If I open and close the right side and front cover, the machine
spits out one piece of paper and then continues.

There are a couple of other interesting things about this. It seems
to happen only when I'm duplexing. If I do a straight print or print
continuous test pages without duplexing the problem doesn't happen.

The problem almost always happens after 1 correct page is printed.
I.E. One correct page two sided is printed. It will then get a clear
paper jam and usually spit out a half done page. After opening the
doors and closing them it will then spit out another half done page.
And very often it will start all over with one correct paper two sided
and then jam again.

Now, you would think this might be the duplexer, but I've swapped it
with another duplexer (from an 8150) and this duplexer works fine in
the 8150 and the 8150 duplexer makes no difference in this machine.
It still jams.

It doesn't matter what tray it is feeding from 1 or 2. I haven't
tried tray 3 extensively. But all the pickup rollers, seperation
rollers, and pads were replaced and also made no difference.

Finally, I found an old article on someone's website (PartsStore?)
which implied this could very well be dirty sensors due to loose toner
buildup in side the machine. From looking at the machine that
seems quite plausible. If that is the case, is there any way to tell
which sensor corresponds to which 13.00.X error? [I cleaned the one
sensor they mentioned (paper registration sensor).] [Alternatively I'm
not sure I want to try a full cleaning of an 8500 myself. Any ideas
on how to find a good cheap service tech in the Boston area? Perhaps
someone who could use some more business due to the economic

I'd prefer not to have to replace this machine and send it to
recycling, but I'm getting close.





Thanks. For the record, I feel silly.

Someone on the hp business support website suggested checking out tray
3 and doing a paper path test or test non-duplexed from that.
Apparently part of the tray 3 mechanism is also used in duplex

One of the rollers was loose on tray 3. Once I found that it seems
to be working fine. So, there may have been a worn roller and when
it was replaced it had the some symptoms because the new roller was
not put on correctly.

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