HP 6200C


Lester B Davis

After a couple of weeks of extensive contacts with both Dell Computers
and with Hewlett Packard, I have finally determined from a document
that I received from HP that a number of computers have trouble
maintaining communication with varius HP scanners. I was,
intermittently, but regularly losing contact with the scanner when I
did a preview in VueScan. It also happened sometimes when I was doing
a scan. It also happened when I was using a TWAIN driver. I most
generally got a message that the "Program was not Responding." I
would then unplug the scanner, plug it back in, restart the computer
and, then, sometimes communication would be established. When
communication was lost and I went to Device Manager, I would find an
"Unknown Device" under USB controllers. Interestingly, the report
would tell me that the "Unknown Device" was working properly. The
suggested fix is to use a powered USB 1.1 hub since the scanner
apparently needs more power than it gets from the USB port on the
computer. I have spoken to technical support facilities at both
companies and they basically agree that this is the fix for my
problem. They are adamant about NOT using a USB 2.0 hub as that will
not fix the problem. The problem, now, seems to be finding a powered
USB 1.1 hub. They seem to be scarce as hen's teeth. Maybe I will
just go the SCSI route.
Lester B Davis


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