How to Filter Ports with RRAS and Windows2003 Server?

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Hi together,
my situation is this:

1 RRAS Server with PPTP where the users can connect to our company LAN
On this RRAS i have 4 Groups in the ADS for the following access:

- Full Access Group (Administrator)
- Shares, MailServer, Terminal Server (Finance Director, Company
- MailServer, Terminal Server (Teamleaders)
- Terminal Server (Homeworkers)

I have created 4 "Remote Access Policies" where the settings are:
- Windows Groups matches "GROUPNAME" AND NAS-Port-Type matches

additionaly i have setted up in the Dian-In Profile under thre IP Tab the
Input and the Output Filter.

For the Terminal Server i made this setting:

Permit only the packets listed below:

Only Destination Network
Protocol: TCP
Source Port: 3389
Destination Port: 3389


I have read also the helpfile...

The Problem is:

That the Portfilter doesnt work, if a connection is there then all ports are
open or all ports are closed...!??!?

Has anyone a Tutorial what must i do to give users access to only selected
And this should work with Windows User Groups.

Thanks in advance for any help
Volkan S.


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