How I have got a stabel running Vista without corrupted harddisk



Since a few days, since Sunday I have a working VISTA without the problem of
corrupted disk.
How it was before?
Every time I use a program I got the message that the file system was
corrupted. I used very often chkdsk and there problems with the indexes and
the MFT. Not every time chkdsk could fix the problems by the first run. I
have two systems (XP and Vista) on the computer. So I run chkdsk from XP even
chkdsk from Vista could not fix the problem. The MFT per example could not
repair, because there were not enough memory. There was a problems in the
file system on partition from XP. Infected from the partition vista? Through
the boot system? I don't know. I had a third party boot manager. The boot
manger manipulated the system files and the drive letter. So it was in
conflict of the boot manager of Vista and his secure file system.

What is in my Computer?
Hard drive 1 with two partitions, 75GB and 75GB for the Operation Systems.
Hard drive 2 with one partitions, 160GB.
ATI 9600 Radeon
AMD Athlon XP 2400+
VIA-Chips on the Mainboard.
Netgear WG311
Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS (works till now not with Vista, but with XP)

What have I done?
At first I have saved the important files like outlook.pst. Then I have
deleted the partitions, both. Next I formatted C: (Disk0,Part1) and install
XP inclusive SP2 and all the needful things I need.
After XP is running with the newest updates I install Vista from XP. I use
the possibility in the install menu to install on E: (Disk0,Part2). It's do a
little time, because the partition was formatted by Vista. The whole time I
was connected to the internet and so I get the updates during installation.
Warning! Don't install a driver. Vista will do it. You have only to wait (
and wait…).

Now you have a clean Vista with Vista drivers.

The first driver, I install myself was for the graphic. Under ATI, there is
a vista driver only the driver, not the manager) and the system works well.

The next driver was for WLAN. This was not explicit for Vista, but it runs
till now. There a some Problems when I hide the SSID. But no corrupted hard
Today runs the Office 2007 and I used often Outlook, OneNote and Word and
there are no problems with the file system. Trend Micro Pccillin for Vista
as virus defender.
The next one will be Visual Studio Express 2005.
Conclusion: At first try to build a clean Vista and then in a second step
test software. Test only on software in a moment. Some driver can be
installed, and worked a little, but corrupted the disk. Don't use a third
party boot manger, the one from Vista is enough. (For more information google
for bcdedit. This is the editor for the new boot manager.)

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+
1,00 GB RAM
Brother DCP 340CW
Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS


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