How do you move from Groupwise to Outlook?


M Skabialka

A friend is using GroupWise at work, and now the company is moving to
Outlook, probably 2003 version. Before that happens he wants to save his
contacts, emails, etc in case they disappear forever. I think they will be
formatting the machines when this happens to totally get rid of Novell and

He has a flash drive he can save up to 1 GB on. What's the best method for
him to export/copy/??? his information so that he still has it all when
Outlook is put on his machine. Of course his company says thay will
transfer everything but he wants to be covered just in case!!!





There is not a direct converter or export feature but try this

Install the GroupWise Client.
Install the Outlook Client.
Load GroupWise Client and login as the user.
Launch Outlook (this will connect to the GroupWise account that you are
currently logged into).
Close the GroupWise client.
From the File menu select Import and Export.
Select Export to a file.
Select Personal Folder File (.pst)
Select the folder that you wish to export (you may also export sub folders
and use the advanced filters) then select next.
The last screen allows you to specify the file name and path for the PST
Click Finish.

M Skabialka

I am fairly sure that Outlook and Groupwise will not be set up at the same
time on this machine. It's Groupwise now, then reformat, then Outlook. It
is possible that he has Outlook installed, since he has Office Professional,
but how would Outlook know to look at the Groupwise account? And he would
have to make sure that his profile doesn't get mesed up by having Outlook
change from the Groupwise to the Exchange account...

He just reported that he was able to export his contacts to a .vcf file,
which should be compatible with Outlook.. now he has to save the email...

M Skabialka

Attachments are critical, that's how work is done in our business...

I will look through the Novell site also, but any other ideas would be
wonderful. His machine gets reformatted next Monday.



Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

M Skabialka said:
Attachments are critical, that's how work is done in our business...

Then the people doing the migration need to change the way they're planning
to do it. This should not be made the end-user's problem.


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