How do I restore deleted calendar appointments?



Recently HP had me do a complete recovery on my computer because of a
hardware issue. Prior to doing so I exported my Outlook contacts, e-mail,
and calendar appointments to my backup file using the Outlook export program
to .pst file. Once the computer had completed recovery and was set to the
initial computer defaults, I opened my Outlook program. I immediately
imported my Outlook contacts, e-mail, and calendar from the backup. The
contacts and e-mail were fine. However, for the years 2005 through 2007, and
part of 2008, all of the calendar appointments were placed in the delete file
(located under the mail heading). How do I restore my calendar appointments
to my calendar? There is no archive.pst file as these were imported from the
backup. In addition, I use the office Outlook 2007 program, with a Windows
Vista operating system.


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