How do I delete a Contact entry when an invalid ENTRYID was passed



I recently "synchronized" my Sony T610 cell phone contacts into MS
Outlook-Personal Address Book. The data can be seen in Contacts but cannot
be deleted. Deleted pretends to work but it doesn't remove the contact.
When I try to obtain the entry's properties I get an error, (Microsoft Office
Oulook) "The properties dialogue box could not be displayed. An invalid
ENTRYID was passed in."

How do I delete the bad entry, overwrite the Contacts file or otherwise fix
the problem??



Joe Moreira

Too easy. I had this same problem and couldn't seem to find a straight, or
easy answer.

Go to the pull down menu in Outlook. Select "Go" "Contacts". I made sure
that the Address Cards button was selected. From there I could see all my
invalid (blank) address cards. I simply deleted all of those and the
invalid entry IDs are gone!





Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

That is the easy part. Now figure out how you corrupted those Contacts in
the first place so you can help users avoid making the same mistake.

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