How do I connect to an XP computer with a Pocket PC Phone via a modem



Hi! Can anyone help me troubleshoot connecting to an XP
Professional computer (one standalone computer, not a
network) from a Pocket PC Phone.

I followed the info in the XP help and set up a dial in
connection on the XP computer. When I call the XP computer
from a regular phone, it picks up after 2 rings and I hear
the sound of a modem trying to connect. Then I tried to
set up a modem connection on the Pocket PC Phone by adding
a "Work" connection and choosing the modem listed on Com1.
When Pocket PC dials the XP computer, the Pocket PC
returns an error that number dialed is not a modem. I
can't hear the call so I don't know what happens. When I
dial the XP computer from the Pocket PC Phone, the XP
computer answers and I hear the modem trying to connect

The end goal for this is so that the Pocket PC phone end
user can call up the XP computer and synchronize with
ActiveSync while on the road. He doesnt need to do
anything fancier than that.

If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know!!!



Sooner Al

Additionally, I just remembered there is a news group
that may provide help.

Good luck...

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