Excel Home made rota system- creating a time sheet in relation to demand

Dec 6, 2017
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I have created a basic rota system for a hospitality company, where based on sales mix for the past few weeks a manager can forecast their sales and the sheet calculates based on agreed percentages how many bar team members/ chefs etc.

I am not strong with excel and how it breaks this down is with time scale across top and for each department within this hour it has a 1/2/3 etc. for how many team members they are allowed. Below are the team members and in order to input rota the manager has to put a 1 in the box for the time they are there see below



I have created it this way so that my summary sheet works correctly please see below:



I want to improve the system by changing the rota part so that the manager can input a simple start/ finish time for their team members, but I still need it to post the info against the hourly breakdowns so that they can see if they have to many team members on / not enough etc.

Any advice on how to make this more user friendly/ improved etc would be greatly received!
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