hit and miss in receiving emails




We are using Outlook 2002. One of my users has reported
that although her email alias (which is correctly entered
by the sender) is included the TO: line, she doesn't
always receive the email from a particular sender. The has
happened twice before. Most recently when she didn't
receive the original email, she did receive the Reply ALL
email from one of the other recipients.

The problem only seems to occur when my user is one of
many recipients, however, if she always gets the email if
she was the only recipient. (How would she know she didn't
get the email if she was the only recipient? -- retorical
question to myself).

Two other users email addresses at my company is also on
TO: line and they always receive their emails.

I'm stumped. Does anyone know why this is happening and
how I can fix this?

Thank you for your help,


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