highlighted icon on the Desktop are not released



"Something" happened--and the highlighted icons and/or icon labels on my
ActiveThink Desktop (the blue one with a claendat and disk space displayed)
no longer un-select when I click on the Desktop with my left or right mouse
button. As a consequence, I can no longer define a group of icons for
dragging and dropping, or deleting, I also no longer see the ususal
dotted-line rectangle area I used to when I defined it with the mouse in the
empty desktop area. In addition, since the icon highlighting does not
un-select, I cannot Refresh the screen/Desktop by right clicking the mouse on

The only way I found I could get the old Desktop functionality is to open a
file, like empty Excel sheet, and then Delete it from the Desktop--but it's
so silly!

What settings have (been) changed or what settings control this function?
I've been scouring the Net and various Help files, talked to the IT person,
but to no avail...



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