HH EXE, and standard configuration interface



Hello everybody,

I have got two problems that I presume could be solved by managing the
security strategies (?), despite I use Windows XP Home SP1, and
assumably need a download before being able to modify strategies. It
seems security strategies is a rich topic, perhaps guiding me to the
correct pages could save me some precious time.

Here are the issues :
.. The standard interfaces can manage the configuration only for the
administrator. For instance, powercfg.cpl refuses any modification when
launched by a limited user. It validates the modifications when launched
by an administrator, but these modifications are applied only during the
administrator's sessions. The limited user can modify his configuration
by direct access to his register, via regedit, but this is somewhat less
clear to use -and known to be risky.

.. the EXEC command is now refused in a compiled help file. For example,
in "Help and support", after I searched Defrag, a page of explanation is
displayed, that includes a link to launch the defrag utility. It used to
run, but for a few weeks, when clicking to open the utility, I get a
message telling that "this object does not manage this property or
method". The same problem appears in MSDN, that goes with VB6.

Thank you for any clues.


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