Help with XP install as 2nd OS


Eric Anderson

I have a win2k system with 3 drives - 2 SCSI and 1 ATAPI.
Currently, I have the SCSI set for C: and D:, and the
ATAPI set to F: F: is a simple dynamic drive.

I want to install XP on the ATAPI drive. This would allow
me to return to win2k if I don't get XP working.

I set the BIOS so the ATAPI drive is the boot drive. I
then booted with the XP Pro disk.

When it gets to the partition selection step, it shows the
drives with the same drive letters as win2k - i.e., the
ATAPI drive - listed first - is shown as drive F:.
Trying to install on F: gives me the message that it can't
be done.

Question: Why does XP know what win2k drive letters are?

I need to install in the ATAPI because the SCSI drives are
too small for me now, and I don't want to overwrite win2k
until after I have successfully gotten XP installed.

I do not understand why the XP installer knows the drive
letters from win2k.

Drive F: is a simple dynamic drive. If I am understanding
correctly, I would need to delete the volume on F:, and
then revert to basic. In the process, I will destroy all
data on the disk. It is still F:, however.

So, if I did this revision of the drive setup, would XP
install? I don't want to destroy 18 GB of data if I can
avoid it, but I will if I know that XP will install after
I do it (I have backups of all data on the disk - it is
just a long process to copy 18 GB over 100 base-T to
restore it).

If I change the disk type, and XP installs, will it still
think it is drive F:? If so, what can I do about that?

Essentially, can I leave the drive letters alone, and
still get XP to work?

Alternatively, can I reassign drive letters in win2k so it
is booting from its current SCSI drive, relabeled to E:,
for example? Like this:

C: now -> E: and is win2k boot
D: now stays D:
F: now -> C: and is XP boot
E: now (CD-ROM) -> F:

Will this work? It seems to me that if I have to have one
of the OS using strange drive lettering, it should be
win2k, because at some point it will go away, and it would
be nice if XP had its boot vol named C:.

Or, can I relabel them later, after XP
is installed and running happily from F:?

Sorry for all the details, but I am looking for a
solutionto allow me to get XP up while still being able to
revert back to win2k "just in case" things don't go well.
I am willing to lose all data on F: since I have backups
of it all.




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