Help with SQL Upsize



Access 97
SQL 2005

hey guys and gals. i am attempting to upsize some of my tables to SQL.
Testing the waters...

i can successfully connect to the server thru Visual Studio. I can also
access thru remote desktop connection. i created the ODBC connection,
pointing to the server. I open the Upsizing Tool from my access back
end (copy of course).

Asks me if I want to use an existing DB or create new. i created a
blank database on the server already, called 'spindle'. I want to
import to that one. so i choose use existing. then i click on my odbc
connection to the server , spindle.dsn. Then I click OK.

I get a message titled Upsizing Wizard, message = Overflow, Button =

That's it.

Does nothing.

I know, I didn't get very far.... any help would be appreciated.



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