help needed in processing Remote OS installation operation ...



some time ago, i posted a question on's about "remote OS
i'm really glad to receive replys from you people...however the links that
you had given me didn't really solve the problem...thus, i'm writing to u
once again...hopefully u coud give me a better answer...i really hope that u
could just spare a few minutes of your time processing my query....

what happened was that while executing the remote OS
client computer is able to link up to the server(win2k adv server) and
load-up the blue screen where i'm surpose to login with my username,
password, domainname...
however, the problem is that i jus couldn't login using the accounts that i
have created at the server using active directory users and
computers...that's so despite the fact that i have included "everybody" under
delegate control in directory users and computers.i even try logining in with
my administrator account but failed....
after repeated login failure, i decided to reboot my server. later, i tried
out the same process but again i was stuck at the login part which really
stop me from installing all my clients....

really hope to hear from some experts soon...thanks


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