Help!!! how to make a complex form for input? (at least I think it is complex...)



I am trying to make a from to input data, but I can't figure it out ho
to construct it.

I want to create a 2 dimension form (like x and y axis, and data i
input according to the records at x and y) but 2 tables are needed t
be created to store data in x and y axis. I don't know how to creat
such a form for it...

here is what I want the forms to look like

| Sept1 | Sept8 | Sept15 |
project_code |type | Week23| Week24| Week25 |
ASD2001 |type1|
ASD2001 |type2|
ASD2030 |type1| [data input]
SDF2001 |type1|
SDF2001 |type2|
DFG2911 |type3|

here, project_code and type forms a table.
the date and week number forms another table.

is it possible to make a form like this so that I can enter data at th
[data input] area? is it possible to do so in Access? or is it possibl
to do it by VBA?

thanks a lot for your hel


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