Help! Epson LX 800 Printing Form Problem



Hi there, I have an old epson lx 800 and I want to use it to print
invoices. I've made a simple electronic invoice form using ms word and
printed the form using hp laser jet printer. Then I put the printed
form on my LX-800, and in ms word I filled out the electronic form and
set it to print only the data I entered. But each time I try, the data
is always printed out off alignment (such as 1 inch below the intended
field). When I tried to print on the laser jet, it has no problem.

I saw many times people print using lx-800 to print their own
personalized invoices and it printed nicely. How can I do this? Should
I have customized software? Or can I just do it using Ms word?

Please help! I really need your input...

Kind Regards,


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