HELP - Desktop icons don't stay put!



It's not an earth-shattering problem, but very irritating: when I put
an icon where I want it on my desktop, it stays there. Refresh,
reboot, no problem. BUT if I change the contents of the folder (if
it's a folder) or edit the document (if it's a document), it
auto-arranges itself back over to the left-hand side of the screen.
If I open the document and just do a "save" without changing the
contents, it stays put. I have to actually change the contents to get
it to move. This is W2K Pro, I (obviously) have auto-arrange turned
off, I'm a local administrator, it does NOT do this if I log on to the
machine itself, only if I log into the domain (so it has to do with my
profile, I assume, but then it would almost have to). I've tried
toggling auto-arrange, icon color depth, everything I can think of.
Any ideas?????




Have you tried right clicking on the Desktop, click on
Arange Icons; Does Auto Arrange have a check mark next to
it? If it does choose By Name.



No, as I stated, auto-arrange is turned off. Anyway it isn't acting
the way auto-arrange does: it allows me to put icons wherever I want,
but then moves them back to the left only when their contents has



Bob I

You might try not "storing" things directly in the Desktop folder. In
other words only place "shortcuts" to the items and folders on the
desktop. That accomplishes two things. 1. the Icons stay where you want
them and 2. if you mess up and delete the profile, only the "shortcuts"
will disappear and not the real files.

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