Help 911..Downloaded drivers for logitech fusion



I dwn loaded the drivers for logitech fusion webcam then found the
disk...deleted the camera from my moms computer and upon reinstall the camera
configeration froze the computer and i had to hit the powerbutton. Now things
are screwy...her messengers load and crash the system, and her desktop
disappears it took me hours for the pc to let me into system restore and it
says it restored however we still loose the desktop anytime i go into the
start menu and go to mycomputer or control pannel? To make matters worse is
she has an Acer computer and they dont give you the windows disks instead
they are on numerous restaration cd's.

She has so much stuff on her right now I'd rather not have to wipe out the
drive completely. Any help is really appreciated. You can email me at
(e-mail address removed) thanks,



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