Hell lotta problems!!



System spec

Pentium 4 1.7ghz.
512 MB SD 133 RAM(2x256)
GeForce MX 440SE 64MB
Asus Motherboard
lighton DVD Writer.
Seagate 80gb 7200rpm barracuda disk.
Microsoft PS2 3 button mouse.
Very Old stabalizer...

The Problems:

1. Random freezing. Hard disk light goes to constant red.
Restart only option.(not BlueScreenDeath)
2. Mouse randomly goes to top and auto left click. Dosent stops
and some random jumpin until i leave it still for a couple of
3. Video Overlay is BAD. Almost black.
Current overlay settings 160% brightness 76% contrast.
Contrast is really auto high....
Even for desktop i have reduced contrast to 84% and inc brightness
115% to make it look ok.
LG monitor Brightness=100 contrast=90.
4. even in GAMES brightness is pretty damn low.

The Observations:
1. I am from india..electricity fluctuations are common here...
anytime there is a slight fluctuation the FREEZE takes place.

2. Recently i exchaned my PS2 mouse with a USB Mouse with a friend.
The mouse problem stopped...and my PS2 mouse works perfectly fine with
my friend.

3.During the past 5 months(WINTER SEASON) there are no electricity
problems here. I had almost no freezin problem for this period.Mouse
problem and VideoOverlay problem was there.(until i replaced mouse).
Now summers are starting and the freezin problem is again starting.

4.I did enabled my onboard AGP ..but it didnt helped.

I cant make out the freezing and fluctuation relation everytime..buy
anytime the fluctuation is visible..like low voltage etc etc..the
freezing happens.

At start of winters i replaced my PSU so i dont think is a problem

Im thinking maybe i need a new motherboard or a UPS.

thx for readin through this long post....


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