height of subform on report



I'm working on my first Access system and can't find the
answer to my question.
I have a subform on a report that has 3
1-headings/description (1 label, 2 text fields)
2-statistics (3 labels, 2 text fields)and
3-comments (1 label, 1 text field).
If all 3 are printing there is no problem. If only
sections 1 and 3 are printing (statistics are n/a) how do
I get the subform height to shrink.
I have the 'can shrink' set on all the text fields but I
can't figure out how to set 'can shrink' on a grouping.
I've used coding to make section 2=not visible and move
section 3 up into the area that was used by section 2 but
I can't pull the botton of the 'page' up with the 3rd
Any assistance would be appreciated.


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