HD recovery ..HD Crash!


Daniel Perez

Okay this is the biggest thing ever happen to me!!

I was merging my H drive with I drive...when the process was happening..i
got an error msg in the middle of the process...the computer restarts and
then windows detected disk error configuration..so it ran chkdisk to
automatically fix problems..

AFter rebooting the system My I drive was all gone!!! and like 2GB of data
was on my H drive left.

Now when i open up Parititon Magic it tells me that 30,647 is unpartition
now..that was my I:\ drive.

The H:\ drive shows 25GB parititon and 17GB being used. WHen i go to WIndows
explorer it shows only 2GB is being used. So I know the other data must be
somerwhere there !

WIth my I drive Parition Magic gives me an option to Undelete parition . But
still doesn't undeletes it..it does nothing

Would anyone recommand me or help me to recover this data! I really can't
miss my data

I will not modify/touch anything from H drive and on...will not delete or
create anything paritino as well..i know there must be a solution to this :

If anyone can redirect me anywhere..software//newsgroup..where i can get an
answer..would be very appreciated. I will spend money on a good software
that will let me solve this problem...any recommandation?



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