HCT test program change icons



Hi List,

I ran HCT 12.1.01, category "Universal" to qualify a driver USB driver.

I first ran "Automated Tests", all tests succeded thus all log
information lines had a green mark icons in "TestsLog Information" tab.
So I was very surprised to see that only few tests had their green mark
icons in the "Select/Run tests" tab.

So before attempting any rest, I decided to complete the second
catgerory of tests "Manual Test". Everything succeded here too. I get
green marks icons on each tests in both tabs "Select/Run tests" and
"TestsLog Information".

Then to solve my problem I decided to stop and restart HCT test
application. I had a bad surprise : most of green marks icons on
automated tests was changed into interrogation mark icons !

To check I perform several times this procedure :
- run a test with a successfull completion,
- stop HCT application
- start HCT application.

Every time this process transform some green mark icons into
interogation mark icons...

Does someone have already heard anything about this issue ?
Is there any workaround to bypass this issue ?



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