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See below. I got the answer to my original question. But when I use
"Payment History" report as a subreport then it does not work ("txtName"
starts to repeat). I coded the Main Report the same but "txtName" still

Any help is appreciated.
I have report named "PaymentHistory". This report has a section
"PaymentHeader" where Repeat property is set to "Yes". So this group header
repeats on the next page or column.

My problem I have a text box named "txtName" in this group header but I do
not want the txtName to repeat. txtName is what the user inputs. txtName
needs to be in the group header the first time but I want to make invisible
if the group header repeats.

The trick is to determine the first from subsequent
instances of the header. This can be done by adding a
(hidden?) text box (named txtDtlCnt) to the detail section,
set its control source to =1 and RunningSum to Over Group.

Then, in the header section format event:
Me.txtName/Visible = (Me.txtDtlCnt = 1)


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