Group mail: Sending to a group of mail recipients will send to all but one recipient



I created under Outlook 2002 (10.4712.4219.) SP2 a group of
recipients with all internal persons. When I send a mail to this group
all mails but one will be transfered. In the log file og the mail server
I see that all recipients got a mail but the one recipient not. Therfore
I think that the problem is Outlook itself. I did not an do not get any
error message for this recipient. When I retry sending to this group
always this recipient do not receive a mail.

Following situation:

- alle recipients are internal mail addresses
- the address making problems I changed and retyped many times:
it IS correct
- When sending directly whitout group function to this mail address
all things are working fine and the person receives the mail
- The entry of the not working address is the last one in the group

Maybe somebody of you can help me. It is realy nerving ...

Thanks Harald


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