Graphics chipset marketshare numbers


Yousuf Khan

Intel's marketshare in integrated and overall graphics is decreasing. It
went from 61% to 50% in one quarter in integrated graphics! They blame
shortages of Intel PC chipsets with integrated graphics. Intel only
builds integrated graphics, for its own processors. VIA's is going up.
Indications that Intel has weakened its traditional hold over the integrated graphics market - machines with built-in, chipset-based graphics support, as opposed to a separate 'discrete' graphics system - is very good news for Via. While Intel declined from a 61 per cent share down to 50 per cent, having faced chipset supply problems, Via jumped 50 per cent to take 24 per cent of the market, reports Digitimes.
Nvidia increased its marketshare vs. ATI.
The good news for Nvidia is that it has grabbed grab 52 per cent, ahead of its main rival ATI.
The overall discrete/integrated graphics marketshare is this.


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