GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2009 was awesome: recordings now available !


Skybuck Flying

I don't know about other conferences but this one is awesome/cool/state of
the art:

Some of the highlights:

1. Cool/nice/funny CEO guy with nice plan to combine 1 cpu with 500 gpu
2. Lot's of company talk, how companies are using gpu's for their biznezzes
3. Disecting brains and trying to simulate brains on computers !
4. Interesting rendering/raytracing technique with light particles bouncing
5. Augmented reality for cars/ferraries and entertainment purposes.
6. Lucas Light & Magic <- very good/cool graphics and effects and some info
about their company/computers and such <- most amazing.
7. 3D Camera for consumers.
8. Nice good video quality.
9. Very cool rock music for intro's and pauzes !
10. Some nice realtime demo's of mostly particle effects/water/fire/space
11. Historical overview of graphics, films, animation.

Yup NVIDIA sure knows how to throw a party ! =D

I wonder how much it costs, I wonder if they can top it next year ?

Only ones that weren't present strangely enough were major game companies ?
But I kinda enjoyed that anyway ;) :)
See that game stuff already on the web mostly ;)

This conference was mostly about all kinds of non-gaming related companies
using the gpu !

However NVIDIA is playing a dangerous game I think... but locking themselfes
into direct x and microsoft and windows...

I wonder how many gamers out there actually plan on buying all this new
vista/windows seven based stuff... time will tell ! ;) :)

I presume these newer cards will work with windows xp as direct 9 and opengl
as well ? ;)



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