Gigabyte GA-7N400 instead of Abit NF7-S



There wasn't an Abit NF7-s to be found today at the computer show. I got
the Gigabyte instead.

I'm thinking it's a comparable board, what do y'all think?

I didn't get the Pro2 (it was $100) and I didn't get the 'L' , I just got
the plain NIC onboard, no SATA, only 2 EIDE slots (4 on the

It *did* make my DVD-RAM drive take a shit on me though. Don't ask me what
the connection is. Power light on the DVD drive strobes steadily, and fast
enough to induce a seisure. Drive not recognized due to an IO error.

I'll fix it eventually, but for now I'm tired of workin' on it, so I
unplugged the DVD drive and I'm gonna drink a spell and maybe play some



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