Ghost files and more!


Tony C.

I am using Excel 2000. I moved a file into XLStart so it would be the default
worksheet. Now when I open Excel, I get 2202B00, 950B500, A2301B00
etc....every time! There are seven of these files and I can't find them
anywhere! They are also all copies of the original file! I can close them and
get to the original, but I would rather get rid of them, and stop it from
happening in the future.
One more thing....
If I go to the XLStart folder via control panel, the folder is empty;
however, if I were to try and save the aforementioned original file using
"save as", the window opens at the XLStart folder and the file is there.



Dave Peterson

When xl2003 and older saves the file, it saves it as a temporary file with a
funny name (8 characters--no extension) in the same folder.

If the save is successful, xl will delete the original (or rename it to its
backup name (like "backup of book1.xlk)) and if that's successful, xl will
rename the funny named file to the original's name.

Common things that get blamed for interruptions to this process are antivirus
software poking its head in or network errors--either permissions or physical

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