Getting older games to run in vista



Im not a windows vista expert and I'm not very good at explaining. But bare
with me.
So far after upgrading al the drivers and essental programs to get vista to
run. the biggest headaches come in when comes to games. Lot older games that
will never be patch. because company out of buisness or to costly to patch.
So this what I been doing big headache and not recommended for the casual
vista user. First right click or is left click and drop the program to xp
capatability mode. this helps in some games but not all. If this does not fix
the problem. where it say advance mode on that screen go in and give the game
full admin rights by clicking the boxes and saving it under admin or user.
Yes it open up a security issue. but it will let the sub rutines access
programs that the main gaming screen won't let you access because a pop up
behind it keep asking for admistaration rights.
This should clear up some gaming problems. If that don't work do all the
above then go into the registry and System INi. any place that has a user ID
need to be change to admistartor id. and the game should work. So far I been
able to get 75% of my older games to work this way. with out a patch. It a
big headache and lot of debugging. and some people don't want to spend hour
to debug and are affraid of changing registry values.
Microsoft should included a pop up or drop down back to xp or previous
window version. Like did in the old days when Win98 would reboot back to dos
so a older game could run. The capatability program that included in Vista
does not work in all games. Just like in xp when we try to play old win95 or
98. You think someone had the brains to leave more capatability in vista.
TIll the Programing industry caught up. Heck I still see lot buisness that
run win3.1 and never upgraded to Xp. Because of the cost. But microsoft in it
great wisdom just think how much money they make and not other companies .Who
give up on a project or program because there 50% into and darn if Microsoft
comes out with a new Os before they finish.
Oh one other thing too. some games may need a older direct x dll or peice
of programing and again if you have patence you need to drag and drop these
into the system 32 directory. Bad draw back don't reboot or Vista will deleat
these files. AUghhhh. or blue screen you double Aughhhhhhhhhh.
But if you enjoy some old game. all I can say get your thinking cap on and
get ready for lot of debugging to get it to run.
But I hope this help some. If not feel free to flame the heck out me. I di
not cause this problem of incapatable gaiming issue. GO flame microsoft and
ask who really thinking up there? Money or the vista programmer? That why I
quit money out way more then my opions and issues with OS changes did.
Bad thing I have friend who has a mac. and he can run both mac, windows and
linux on his new system and all he does is push a button and the whole screen
rotates to that os and runs. Hmmmm If apple can do this why can't microsoft.
It all about control and Microsoft is controling there OS to much. Yet they
tell other OS companie they can not. TO me Vista should been able to run Mac
software just like they made Apple do in there os. should be fair and Apple
should said hey RUn my mac OS in windows. not just a one way street. THink
about it. Next time you look at a Mac pc or Notebook. How come they can run
more then 1 os and yet vista can only run vista. Oh yes you can run the other
os's if you do a lot of spending and downloading and programing. But should
you? It should been stander like on Mac and Apple machines. Hmmmmmmmmm
Sorry about the rant. But When I saw what a mac can do now and I Was
against Macs and apples. Now I'm thinking of getting one there notebooks
since it can run windows with a flip of a button.
C.O.G. Michael


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