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for as long as i can remember, going back to this time last year...

many a time when i've gone to respond or send a new email and or newspost
out i've found that:

for some reason, unbeknown to me outlook has given me not 1 but
two emails at a time.

i press repsond, i get two emails to work with not one.
likewise for sending new email


i find the message 'could not delete" many a time.

in fact, many a time when sending mulitiple emails, instead of having to
press "new", another email popped up automatically. it works with the
"cannot delete".

from what i understand, the email protection, (always updated) doesn't find
a virus and i've not any known email spyware.

is outlook express supposed to automatically generate emails for multiple
emails even though i've chosen to select one?

there is no obvious option for all that.

i don't find any of my email that goes out through yahoogroups coming back
with any kind of attachment and or any sign of a virus.

i do have office 2003 on here but not outlook, never have...

william mahler
south yarmouth, mass..


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