Christian Brandt

Some weird 3D software require a full OpenGL implementation so I hope to
use my cheap Geforce 8800 G92 as a NVidia QuadroFX. There are lots of
infos about converting a Geforce into a QuadroFX but only for old and
obsolete Chipsets but I own a G92 chipset which seems to be unfit for

What I know until now:

Changing the Bios of a video card seems to be useless after the NV40
chipset used on the original Geforce 6800, making tools like nibitor an
obsolete toy.

Rivatuners NVStrap only supports chipsets up to G80, the author did at
first promise to implement support quickly but half a year later
basicaly said "no longer interested, will not happen anytime soon, don't
bother me anymore".

What other options are out there?

Christian Brandt


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