Geforce FX5500 Vs. Radeon 9550 (+ lots of questions)



I am a major The Sims 2 fan, but I just can't expierience it fully o
my PC

Pentium 4 2.6gh
256mb RA
32mb integrated graphic

As far as I understand, the processor is fine, it's the other tw
that's causing the problem. I've just ordered another 512mb of RAM s
that's that sorted

However, I still need a new video card

Living in Ireland, and not having a credit card, my options ar

So basically I have two options

Radeon 955


Geforce FX550

I have a few questions

1.) I have a fair idea how to install memory, is a graphics card mor
complicated in any way

2.) I have a 4X AGP slot, will these cards work

3.) Will I be able to play The Sims 2 decently with 756mb of RA

4.) What sort of power supply would I need


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