Game Pad Controller Works As Keyboard Emulator For Access MDE formUnder Windows XP, But Fails Under



Is there some reason WHY an Access MDE file operating on a Windows 7 PC will not accept keyboard emulator commands—especially when the same keyboardemulator commands function as expected with the same Access MDE form on Windows XP?

I have successfully used my MadCatz® game pad (Xbox® style) controller as a keyboard command emulator with a Microsoft® Access™ MDE file underWindows® XP (32-bit). The Access MDE file is powered by a RUNTIME instantiation of Access version 2002.

FYI: I have installed and tested my Access MDE file using the Access runtime executable with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. The Access MDE file performs without problems with all three operating systems. I will continue distributing my Access MDE file with the RUNTIME Access 2002 because I want to utilize the Access user level security afforded by the MDE format of Access XP.
My keyboard emulator program of choice is Xpadder.

Here’s an example of how I use Xpadder with the game pad to send commandsto my distribution Access MDE file. In my “program” (which is a VBA customized Access file), the keyboard command ALT+N causes the workflow to advance to the next event. In my program the next event is reproduction of designated digital audio file.

Assigning the ALT+N keystrokes to the game pad’s right trigger works as expected with Windows XP (32-bit).
However, under Windows 7, 64-bit, using the same Access MDE file, and the same game pad, with the same emulator program (Xpadder), there is no reaction when I press the same control (i.e., the right trigger). This occurs under Windows 7, even when the game pad device is recognized as working properly by the operating system.

Any ideas? Thanks


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