Funny yellow box when i paste data



I use excel to paste option tables from etrade so I can edit them. I never
had a problem with this, but recently when i paste my data a little yellow
box with what appears to be a scroll icon inside of it appears in the upper
left corner of certain cells. I've noticed a drastic decrease in preformance
since this has start. One of my sheets is completly unworkable in fact. What
is this box and how can I keep it from being displayed?

Thanks for any help.



Chip Pearson

Excel has built in error checking, which is of very limited
usefulness. You can turn it off from the Options dialog (from the
Tools menu) on the Error Checking tab.

Chip Pearson
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional,
Excel, 1998 - 2010
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC

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