full sheet charts not visible


Stuart C.

see 5/17/09 post, this is similar. I can create a chart in the sheet with
data but when I attempt to move it to a full sheet it is not visible. It's
"there" because I can change chart type from the Chart sheet, move the chart
back to an object in a sheet and can see that the chart has changed. I
attempted a repair to no avail.

Unlike the other post I didn't recently upgrade but have been using 07 for
quite a while and this seemingly happened out of the blue. Colleagues have
no problem doing this, so something is amiss with my version. Here are some
simple repro steps:

1. open a new excel file
2. copy this data into a sheet
date open
16-Jun 1
17-Jun 2
18-Jun 3
19-Jun 4
20-Jun 5
21-Jun 6
22-Jun 7
23-Jun 8

3. select all the data just copied.
4. select Insert (Charts) Column, pick the first 2D column format, you
should get a simple column chart inserted in the same sheet
5. now select Move Chart button (far right on tool bar)
6. select New Sheet radio button, then ok, what do you get?

I get the new Chart sheet created with nothing visible and you notice the
zoom indicator in the lower right is set to minimum value, increasing it does



David W

I have the same problem in a spreadsheet that used to work fine. Anyone got
any answers?

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