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I am using Word 93 to create a document and am trying to fill a page
completely - no margins - with a picture.
I've set the page margins to zero in "page setup" and enlarged the picture
so that it fills the page while in print layout view. However, when I go
into "print preview" and when I print, a margin appears all round the
How can I get it to fill the page?



Graham Mayor

Word 93?
Word (any version) will only print what the current printer driver will
allow, and in the vast majority of cases there will be an unprintable area
around the edge of any document. If your printer is capable of printing to
the edge of the page, there should be an option in the printer driver to
select that, or it will have come with photo-printing software to enable you
to print full page photographs (but not from Word)..

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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