FTP -- Problem



we've to upload 600 MB of file from our sister concern. So that we are
using "Smart FTP" tool trial version to upload. It will retry itself
when the particular file''ve a problem in upload.

The problem is, we have able to upload 1 GB of file here in our
office... but in our sister concern the person who involved in
uploading could not able to upload full file .... out of 600MB he/she
only upload 400MB... and then problem occured in FTP site...
After entering user name and password the folder contents could not
displayed.... the error occured like "Time out","Data connection
Closed"... such like that.... but in FTP server there is no problem
not at all....
So after recycle the entire power in the server... it going with no
prob... folder contents getting displayed...

So kindly please tell me what can i do if the problem occurs in
upcoming days....


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