FTP GET changed from Win2K to WinXP?


Virgil Green

* As suggested in the .general newsgroup, I'm reposting this question in
this more approrpriate group. *

We encountered what I considered a rather odd circumstance. One of our
rather lengthy .bat scripts quit working when a user moved from a Win2K to
an WinXP machine. We finally tracked it down to what seems to be a change in
the way the FTP client works. On a Win2K machine, executing a GET in an FTP
script when the file to "get" doesn't exist on the server would just issue a
"file not found" message. When doing the same under WinXP, the named target
file is actually created as an empty file and the error message is issued.

So, can others confirm that the FTP GET client command has changed its
behavior between Win2K and WinXP, causing empty files to be created under
WinXP where they were not under Win2K?

Better yet, do you know of a patch or workaround to get the behavior changed
back to the Win2K behavior (if it has changed at all)?


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